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Find Mountfield Cordless Lawn Mowers

Posted on 22nd June 2017

Have you been tasked to find a cordless lawn mower for your garden at home or work? Lawnmowers need to be suited to your usage and the size of the garden you wish to maintain. Our collection of mowers here at Chipperfield are from the leading manufacturers in the industry, so you can buy a lawn mower confidently from our website.

Which Cordless Lawn Mower is right for you?

One of our most popular cordless mowers is our range of Mountfield Cordless Lawn Mowers. Mountfield is one of the most established lawnmower manufacturers in the industry. When you come to use a Mountfield mower, you can always guarantee precision and ease of use. It’s one of our favourite brands and offers a great selection of various mowers.

On our website, we offer our customers exclusive offers that cannot be find anywhere else. With daily savings to be used, you can find an ideal mower for a tasty price.

Featured Mountfield Cordless Lawnmower

The Mountfield S42R PD LI 41cm Self-Propelled 80v Roller Mower uses cordless technology to offer efficient petrol performance to ensure you never need to plug it into the mains or trip over the cable whilst cutting your grass.

You can use the mower as a push model or self-driven as required. It offers a cutter height which is adjustable, from a single lever giving you 5 positions between 20 - 70mm. It also offers an ample 55 litre grass collector, which is fitted on the rear of the machine.

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