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A Guide To Buy Best Strimmers and Brushcutters

Posted on 25th August 2016

Knowing which strimmer and brushcutter to purchase for your garden is not always an easy decision so we have put together a guide to buy the Best strimmers and brushcutters, so you can choose the right tool for your garden to make gardening easier and more enjoyable. By choosing the best strimmer or brushcutter for your garden you will make tidying up your garden a breeze, but choose the wrong one and you’ll really struggle!

The amount you spend on your strimmer or brushcutter depends on the style and kind of strimmer or brushcutter you choose. Looking at electric, cordless or even petrol strimmers and brushcutters will show you the difference in prices out there. Here at Chipperfield we have a Mitox 25C-SP Split Shaft Strimmer for just £89.0025C Mitox strimmer

or a Tanaka TCG 22EAB Strimmer for £209.99

Tanaka TCG 22EAB

right up to a Mitox 28MT 5 in 1 Tool for £299.00


or a Tanaka TCH 27EBD/SL Split Shaft Brushcutter for £449.00.


Buying cheap means you will often buy twice and is often a false economy so do try and buy the best quality and standard of strimmer or brushcutter that you can afford.

All strimmers will cut with a string like line made of plastic or small plastic blades, this line is then rotated at great speeds to cut grass or weed stems while pushing the debris to one side like a scythe. There are three different types of line feed systems on strimmers and brushcutters. These are a bump feed where you bang the strimmer on the ground, the automatic feed where the strimmer feeds out more line when the strimmer starts up or the manual feed where you, as the user, will stop the machine to pull out more line.

Think about what sort of tasks you will be completing with your strimmer or brushcutter and this will help you understand what additional features you need. A strimmer or brushcutter that you use on your lighter garden tasks will have very different features to the strimmer or brushcutter you use on long grass and weeds which will have different features again to strimmers and brushcutters that are used on golf courses and corporate gardens for example.

If you need help choosing the best strimmer or brushcutter to get the job done in your garden why not give us a call directly, we would be more than happy to advise you on the best strimmer or brushcutter for your needs.

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