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Mountfield SP414 Self Propelled VS HP414 Petrol Push Lawn Mowers

Posted on 20th May 2016

If you are you looking for a Mountfield lawnmower, you might be wondering if a self propelled or petrol push lawnmower is the best. Mountfield have two popular types of lawnmowers for sale, in a similar price bracket. Despite being the slightly more expensive of the two, the Mountfield SP414 2016 Model is still an affordable lawnmower at under £200.

Mountfield SP414 Self Propelled LawnmowerThe SP414 is a self propelled lawnmower, which is easy to use, ideal for where there is no power supply. This is an easy to use lawnmower which has it's own drive system making it easy to push along. This is a great option for customers who are looking for a self propelled lawnmower.

The Mountfield HP414 Petrol Push Lawnmower is for sale online at a cheaper price than the SP414 Self Propelled Lawnmower, and is another quality domestic lawnmower. It has very similar specifications to the other Mountfield, and below you can see the features of both alongside one another, which may help you decide which is best for you;

Chipperfield Current Price
SP414 Self Propelled = £199
HP414 Petrol Push = £159

Mountfield HP414 Petrol Push LawnmowerLawnmower Cutting Width
SP414 Self Propelled = 15" - 39cm Cutting width
HP414 Petrol Push = 15" - 39cm Cutting width

Lawnmower Cutting Height
SP414 Self Propelled = 25-70mm Cutting heights - 5 pre set positions
HP414 Petrol Push = 25-70mm Cutting heights - 5 pre set positions

Lawnmower Engine
SP414 Self Propelled = GGP RS100 OHV Engine
HP414 Petrol Push = GGP RS100 OHV Engine

Size of Grass Collector
SP414 Self Propelled = 40 Litre Grass Collector
HP414 Petrol Push = 40 Litre Grass Collector

As well as these identical features, both domestic lawnmowers have a Polypropylene Chassis, folding handles for easy storage, and come with a 2 year domestic lawnmower warranty. What it then comes down to when deciding what one to go for, is personal preference on the way the lawnmower itself is powered. Petrol push lawnmowers do tend to be heavier machines, however they are also more powerful. A self-propelled lawnmower will be lighter to use, and is ideal for less challenging lawns. Both these lawnmowers are ideal for large lawns as they do not require an electrical power source. This also makes them a portable option too.

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