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Clean-up with our great range of leaf blowers and lawn vacuums! We have everything from the latest cordless models to our very own range of wheeled garden vacuums designed for larger lawns and hard-surface

When choosing a new chainsaw it is important to understand what your needs are. If you are cutting logs for a fire or dealing with a small to medium fallen tree, we would suggest a 14-18" cut chainsaw. The more power you have the better as the engine will continue to drive the cutting chain for longer before stopping. So, for instance, our Efco 137 chainsaw is ideal for homeowner use where you have a specific job and just want a chainsaw at hand to generally tidy up things in the garden from time to time.   Our bigger saws like the Efco MT4400 is ideal for heavier duty work including felling.  

Blowers & Vacs


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