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Delivery & Paperwork

Where is my invoice?

Your invoice is sent as an attachment to your dispatch confirmation email.

Where is my warranty/registration card?

The majority of machines are registered by us. Your invoice is your proof of purchase should you have any warranty issues

How long is the warranty?

Between 1-5 years depending on the model. See individual product pages for more information.


What assembly is required?

This varies from model to model. Please refer to your manual for assembly instructions.

Starting & Maintenance

Why won't my machine start?

This could be down to a number of things. Do you have the battery inserted properly? Is the battery fully charged? Are the contacts clean? Check all these issues first. 

I have a missing and/or broken part, what should I do?

Please email [email protected] with all details including model number/serial number, part number/ pictures & we will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Drop us a line here: [email protected]
Or here: [email protected]
You could even write to us at:
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Chipperfield Limited. Company number 10621219, Registered in England and Wales.

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