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Lawn Mowers

Types of mower - There are a variety of different mower types on the market including petrol, electric and battery powered.

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Buying your Lawnmower can often be confusing. You may not always know what's best for your lawn. This doesn’t just come down to the size of your garden, it also depends on the type of grass you have. Petrol lawnmowers are naturally the most powerful and are generally best suited for most gardens. They can easily cut through damp or long thick grass, as well as manoeuvrable enough in tighter spaces.

Petrol powered mowers are also less restrictive than electric models that require a mains cable. Electric mowers are the perfect option for smaller gardens, where there is a nearby power supply and are usually more lightweight. Battery-powered mowers are becoming very popular, originally they lacked quality and power, but these days you can buy a machine that is similar in specification to petrol models with quick charging times and adequate power and run times to get your grass cut. 

The option of self-propulsion means taking the machine up and down slopes, or on longer runs up and down the garden is much easier. Most of the petrol mowers we sell come with a power drive.  With these, you simply activate a drive control and follow the mower.  Some models have the option of changing the speed also, and some have a drive that operates at your chosen pace, 

Mowers also come with different collection options. Most include a grass bag of varying size. Larger grass bags/collectors mean fewer stops so generally the larger your garden, the larger bag you’ll need.  Some mowers include a mulching option, so the grass is cut finely and redistributed back into the lawn; giving it vital nutrients and helping maintain a healthy garden. Mulching your grass will save you time when cutting the grass

Models with rear rollers will give you the highly popular and attractive striped lawn effect, and help with cutting along border edges.  Four-wheeled models are great for all garden types rough or smooth.  Having the two rear wheels makes the machine more manoeuvrable in rougher terrain. 

Key start/Pull start Both of the start options are easy to use, it purely comes down to preference. A pull start will feature a cord where you pull the cord to make the engine start.  With a key start or Electric start, you can simply turn a key to get the engine running, very similar to starting a car.

Steel chassis v alternative The chassis is what protects the majority of the machine. Material varies from mower to mower, including aluminium, which less prone to rust corrosion and generally, makes for a more solid mower. Steel is robust and durable and withstands knocks far better than any other material. Some steel chassis are also powder coated. This means that the machine is painted through a special process forming a much more solid and impact-resistant finish protecting the chassis further.