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Ride On Mowers

When choosing a ride on mower/garden tractor there are a few things to consider. It can be confusing, so knowing what will be beneficial for you and your garden is important. First and foremost is the type of machine you are purchasing.

Ride ons in general are the smallest type of machine in this department. They are designed solely to cut grass, and do a wonderful job of it. The engine is usually featured at the back and the drivers seat toward the front. This means that they have great visibility and are nifty enough to make light work of a smaller garden.

Typically lawn tractors are larger and have their engines at the front. They have more power than some of the smaller machines which makes slightly larger gardens easy to maintain. Because they are more powerful they are also able to tow. If you are towing low weights these machines are perfect for the job.

When choosing a machine, is important to take into account what you're using it for. And tasks that you will require the machine to undertake. These machines are designed to do different jobs, so make sure the one you choose can do everything you need it to. Garden tractors are generally the most powerful. These heavy duty machines have the largest engines and therefore the most speed. Designed for large areas they can easily and efficiently cut your lawn as well as do other task such as pull trailers. Because they have more power they are also suitable for towing heavier items, tilling and even snow clearing.

In general, we recommend buying as higher power mower as fits your budget, being able to do jobs you may not have even considered yet is always an added bonus.

Other features to consider, include Zero turn, manual/hydrostatic transmission, cutting width and other luxury add ons. Zero turn means the machine is highly manouverable and generally better for tricky obstacles and rougher terrain. They often have faster speeds too. Manual/hydrostatic transmission are other aspects to consider. Manual transmission means that you make use of a clutch to change the gears, very similarly to how you would a car. Hydrostatic transmission could be compared to an automatic car, in that it does not use a clutch. Some of our MTD Lawnflite models have TRANSMATIC transmission, this a cross between Hydrostatoc and Manual transmissions.  Your are able to chage gear on the go without dipping the clutch as well as pre selecting a motion speed before setting off.  The beneift of Hydrostatic and Transmatic drives include comtrol over motions speed without changing gear so getting around your garden will be easier whist maintaining full cutter speed to ensure the best cutting finish and mulching or collector performance.

A wide cutting width, similarly to a lawn mower is something best for a bigger garden. It allows you to cut larger areas in a smaller amount of time. One thing to consider when choosing how wide you are purchasing is to measure the narrowest space you are wanting the machine to get through. It is also wise to measure first in terms of storage. Once you know you can get the machine onto the lawn and store it we suggest the bigger the better.  Where storage is a problem we offer covers for these machines, many of our customers use these for outside storage as well as just to cover them up in t the shed or garage.  These covers allow the machine to stay dry and protected through its life, bit also allow the air aound the machine to circulte to stop it from rusting. Finally, the fun bit. Luxury additions are common in larger ride on machines. These can include cup holders, LED headlights and power steering. These can be found on all of the specifications tabs of any of our online machines.

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  • Lawnflite Mini Rider 60SDE

    Lawnflite Mini Rider 60SDE

    R.R.P: £1,399.00  

    Our Price Only

    £1,299.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Lawnflite Mini Rider 60RDE Ride-On Mower

    Lawnflite Mini Rider 60RDE

    R.R.P: £1,649.00  

    Our Price Only

    £1,449.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Lawnflite MTD 96 Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite MTD 96 Lawn Tractor

    R.R.P: £1,799.00  

    Our Price Only

    £1,499.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Lawnflite 603RT - MTD76RT

    Lawnflite 603RT - MTD76RT

    R.R.P: £1,899.00  

    Our Price Only

    £1,599.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Lawnflite Mini Rider 76RDE

    Lawnflite Mini Rider 76RDE

    R.R.P: £1,849.00  

    Our Price Only

    £1,649.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Lawnflite 420 XT-S Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite MTD RG145 Lawn Tractor 2in1

    R.R.P: £1,999.00  

    Our Price Only

    £1,799.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Lawnflite MTD 92 Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite MTD 92 Lawn Tractor

    R.R.P: £2,199.00  

    Our Price Only

    £1,799.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Lawnflite 703 RH Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite MTD RE130H Lawn Tractor

    R.R.P: £2,349.00  

    Our Price Only

    £2,099.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Lawnflite MTD RN145 Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite MTD RN145 Lawn Tractor

    R.R.P: £2,399.00  

    Our Price Only

    £2,199.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Lawnflite MTD LG200H Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite MTD LG200H Lawn Tractor

    R.R.P: £2,849.00  

    Our Price Only

    £2,499.00 (inc. VAT)

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