Service and Expertise


If you've called us or visited us at our London Colney Base, you will be very aware that we like to talk about our machines. I mean, we really like it. Even amongst ourselves.

We are less likely to be caught chatting about the football or politics on our coffee break than the ins and outs of 4-stroke engines, grass collecting systems and the dos and don'ts of seasonal scarifying. This may not make us the best of companions on a long bus trip but in terms of knowing our business, we think its a must.

This is because, unlike many companies, we are not just in the business of selling machines and running away to hide behind a container. We actually spend time getting to know our stock, learning how it works.

We know our brands backwards. We know our long-standing traditional brands like Stiga and Mountfield and we are hands-on when it comes to developing new, exciting machines from brands like Racing and Feider.  This means we are constantly talking to manufacturers, and advising them what we and YOU want from a piece of garden machinery.

This extends to our new ranges. We don't want to just buy and sell 'stuff.' We want to know everything about our products because that will help you make the right choice when you buy from us. This saves you, and us, time and hassle. If we mis-sell to you, it comes back to us every time.


We know our machines well enough to advise you properly. This is a major part of our offer. We want to give you every bit of information we can. We will go the extra mile to help you and we regularly do. 

We work with large bulky products as well as smaller boxed items. Not everyone does. Logistics can be tricky, but we know if we want to get you the products you want that we have to provide a full service, not just a shop window.  And this extends to our new outdoor cooking ranges, barbecues, outdoor cookers and a wide range of sheds for everything from storage to lesure and workshop use.  We know and love the great outdoors and we have the specialist knowledge to help you get the best from it.  

We will always welcome a chat with you about what we do and what we stock, it’s what we love.

This is what happens when great service meets solid expertise...

'Had a problem with my new Mountfield 1330M tractor not cutting the a call from Dana who was very helpful. He clearly instructed me on how to look for what was causing the problem...thanks to Dana’s excellent advice the problem was resolved quickly.

Fantastic selection of lawnmowers. Knowledgeable, helpful and respectful...Would highly recommend to everyone in need of any type of lawnmower.'

' a great source of technical support.'

So Call us: 0203 6979432
e-mail us:  [email protected].
Or pop in and see us:
72 High Street,
London Colney,

We'd love to talk to you. 

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