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Stiga Park 120 Mulching Ride On Lawnmower
£ 2,499.00 New Available Online
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Stiga Park 120 Mulching Ride On Lawnmower

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Stiga Park 120 Mulching Ride On Lawnmower

This Stiga is fitted with the highly efficient Stiga designed mulching-combi. 85 deck but with the new quick flip deck which by the simple pulling out of the deck knob, the cutter deck can raise to around an 80 degree angle which allows for maintenance and cleaning to be carried out without having to remove any belts or tools required.

The twin bladed deck is a dedicated mulcher which cuts and recycles the grass before throwing the clippings deep into the soil. This process helps to feed the lawn by the cut grass acts as moisture and nutrition promoting a healthy lawn. Because these products are so effective, if you mulch correctly, the grass never lays on top of the lawn. You can save up to 30% of your mowing time as there are no requirements to travel to a compost heap as no grass is being collected.

The reliable Stiga 7250 series engine produces 414cc of power to happily cope with your mowing requirements plus the drive system is hydrostatically driven which effectively means, like a car pedal, the harder you press forward, the quicker you travel. The body is fully articulated so steering close to trees and bushes can effectively be done allowing you to cut more quickly. The cutter deck is also mounted at the very front of the tractor which also allows you to mow over borders, under bushes and even garden benches if required.

This is a fantastic product from Stiga, one that we highly recommend.



85cm - 30" Cutting Width

Stiga 7250 Series Engine - 414cc

Electric Key Start

Forward & Reverse Hydrostatic Drive System

Manual Height Of Cut Control - 30 - 98mm

Dedicated Mulcher

Twin Bladed Cutter Deck

Weight: 174KG

Articulated Steering

Quick Flip Cutter Deck